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Tree Bark Cork Wall Tile Install Guide

Cork Solution's Install Guide - Tree Bark Cork Wall Tiles

Preparation and Acclimatization:

Keep cartons at the job site for 48-72 hours before installation. Maintain temperature and humidity similar to occupied conditions. Install on new drywall if possible. For other substrates like plywood or concrete, ensure they’re secure, clean, and free of debris, paint, and moisture before installation.

Wall Tile Installation:

Textured tiles have unique bark patterns. Choose tiles with matching patterns, especially at seams. Install with staggered joints (brick pattern). Use a fine-toothed table or circular saw to cut tiles.

Applying Adhesive:

Due to the texture, use high bond double-sided tape. Cut 2 strips (22 inches each) and adhere them to the top and bottom back of tiles. Press tape firmly. One roll covers about 11 tiles. For ceiling, add tape strip to tile center. Use brad nails for additional support.

Wall Tile Finishing:

Tiles are natural (no finish). Use food-grade mineral oil like “Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil” by Howard, applied with a spray bottle. Flame Stop, Inc. produces fire retardant (Product – DSII) for a Class C fire rating. Apply Flame Stop before mineral oil.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Clean with a light duster, soft brush, or vacuum. Direct sunlight exposure can cause fading, like other wood products.
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