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The Sandcastle Collection

Cork Tiles: 12" X 12" Size - Sold In Cartons Of 36 Tiles (36 SqFt)

Explore the Sandcastle collection – a distinctive range of wall décor tiles available exclusively from Cork Solutions. Immerse yourself in a coastal ambiance with this unique collection that awakens the senses. The Sandcastle collection comprises five exquisite cork wall tiles inspired by beach aesthetics: Seafoam Green, Sugar Sand White, Suntan Bronze, Oyster Shell Gray, and Beachside Blue. These colors keep your décor neutral yet captivating, offering a touch of sophistication that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether mixed and matched or installed in a single palette, these sustainable tiles redefine your environment.
Just like all our cork wall tiles, the Sandcastle collection is crafted from 100% hand-harvested Portuguese cork. Our cork board sheets are produced from recycled cork materials, serving cork wall coverings and cork ceiling tile applications that excel in sound absorption and thermal insulation. Additionally, these recycled coastal wall tiles are inherently anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Our cork board tiles exhibit self-healing properties, much like a traditional cork pin board. However, our products offer enhanced material thickness and quality compared to cork products found in big box stores.
The innate beauty of cork shines through in the Sandcastle collection. Organic cork hues flecked throughout each color pattern enhance the allure of this natural material. The styling possibilities are endless; these colored cork board tiles can either make a bold statement or seamlessly blend into existing décor, allowing other elements to take the decorating spotlight. At Cork Solution we hold a deep appreciation for natural beauty, and we believe this collection perfectly embodies that ethos.
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