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Cork Wall Tile "Stacked Stone" Install Guide

Cork Solution's Install Guide - Stacked Stone Cork Wall Tiles

Preparation and Acclimatization:

Allow cartons of faux stone paneling to sit at the job site for 48 hours before installation. Substrate can be drywall, plywood, particleboard, brick, or cured concrete. Ensure substrate is clean, dry, smooth, and free from moisture and dust.

Wall Tile Installation:

Mix tiles from different cartons for natural pattern variation. Cork strips in tiles vary in width and thickness. Use a table saw to cut these tiles.

Applying Adhesive:

Use Liquid Nails “FUZE IT,” available at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Apply a ¼” bead of adhesive around tile’s back perimeter and from corners to center in an “X” shape. Apply pressure in all directions to set tiles. Use “brad nails” to secure tiles flat on the wall until adhesive sets.

Wall Tile Finishing:

These tiles are unfinished. You can spray a food-grade mineral oil like “Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil” by Howard, available at Home Depot or Lowe’s paint department. Flame Stop II fire retardant can be sprayed on unfinished tiles.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Vacuum clean the decorative cork wall panels. Prolonged direct sunlight exposure can cause fading, similar to other wood materials.
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