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Product Warranty

Cork Floor & Cork Wall Tile Product Warranty

Cork Solution’s offers a warranty for its cork flooring and wall tile products. In the case of a valid manufacturing defect, a credit will be arranged based on the original purchase of the product. This credit can be used toward the purchase of a new Cork Solution’s floating or parquet floor. The credit applies to the affected area and doesn’t cover labor.

Warranty Details:

Cork Solution’s flooring products, including Floating Floors, Parquet Tiles, and Wall Tiles, are covered by a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects. If a manufacturing defect is found, Cork Solution’s will replace the damaged product with the same or equivalent product at no extra cost. Claims for defective products must be made promptly after discovery. This warranty applies to the original end user and is not transferable. It doesn’t apply to products sold as seconds.

Exclusions to Warranty Coverage:


Improper or inadequate installation is not covered. Defective products that could have been discovered before installation will be covered only if they’re not installed.

Adhesive Failure:

Only recommended adhesives, applied according to Cork Solution’s instructions, are warranted.


Only specified polyurethanes are covered by the warranty. The use of other polyurethanes voids the warranty.


Inadequate maintenance or cleaning is not covered.

Difference in Color:

Natural variations in color between floors, as well as discoloration or surface damage from excessive sunlight, are not covered.

Improper Subfloor:

Installation over improper subfloor conditions is not covered.

Improper Use or Abuse:

Improper use or abuse, such as scratches, burns, cuts, and punctures, is not covered.

Improper Footwear:

Improper footwear may damage the floor and is not covered.

Installation Location:

The warranty applies only to the original installation location and is not transferable.

Suitable Use:

Floors must be installed in areas suitable for residential or moderate commercial use.

Transfer or Resale:

The warranty expires if the product or installation location is transferred or resold.


No one has the authority to alter the obligations or limitations of this warranty.

Installation Procedures:

Approved installation instructions must be followed, including the use of specified adhesives. Installation in extreme conditions voids the warranty.
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