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Parquet Cork Floor Tiles

Cork Tile Flooring: 12" x 12" Size - Sold in Cartons of 36 Tiles (36 SqFt)

Cork Solution presents pure natural cork parquet floor tiles that offer flexibility and creativity. Our cork parquet flooring tiles are versatile and can be cut to create unique patterns and designs. These tiles aren’t just for floors – they’re perfect for furniture inlays, walls, ceilings, or backsplash applications. However, please note that they aren’t suitable for bulletin board use. If you need cork wall tiles for that purpose, explore our collection.
Annoyed by the clicking sounds of hardwood floors? Our cork flooring planks come with built-in acoustical cork underlayment. When you choose parquet tile flooring, you’ll notice a significant reduction in noise. Plus, both our cork plank and tile flooring options naturally regulate temperature, creating a more comfortable atmosphere for your feet.
Cork also provides a soft and sustainable flooring solution, particularly suitable for healthcare environments and areas where you stand for extended periods. The shock-absorbent nature of our patterned cork flooring is a natural benefit due to its unique cellular structure. The internal honeycomb structure enables cork to absorb body weight and airborne noise alike.
Please note that a custom shipping charge applies to all parquet cork flooring orders and will be charged separately. We’ll contact you prior to processing your order.
Traditionally, cork parquet floor tiles use geometric shapes to craft decorative patterns in flooring and various design elements. Our selection of decorative cork flooring tile options offers versatility for your chosen design. Cork tile floors are gaining popularity for their ability to complement different room styles while offering numerous health benefits. Cork truly is nature’s versatile treasure.
Discover our premium parquet-style flooring selection below!


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