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Cork Floor Floating Planks

Cork Plank Flooring: 36" x 12" Size - Sold in Cartons of 7 Planks (21 SqFt)

Installing cork flooring has never been easier with Cork Solution’s floating cork planks! These planks are designed to effortlessly float over various surfaces, including uneven substrates like concrete and wood. Our convenient click’n’lock snap system saves you time and money during installation at your home or office.
Choose from over 20 unique decorative options in our collection of floating cork planks. Our decorative click-lock cork flooring offers a wide range of colors and even replicates the look of marble, without the coldness associated with it. Plus, these cork planks offer the same benefits as our other cork products. The built-in acoustical cork underlayment reduces foot traffic noise significantly, and it also provides natural thermal insulation to maintain comfortable temperatures – unlike hardwood or ceramic tiles.
Interested in a softer, sustainable flooring choice? Discover the shock-absorbent qualities of our cork floor tiles. With an internal honeycomb cell structure, cork plank flooring not only disperses body weight but also reduces airborne noise. It’s an excellent option if you’re concerned about falls or have joint issues. In fact, cork floating tile flooring is highly regarded in the healthcare industry.
Please note that a custom shipping charge applies to all cork plank flooring orders and will be billed separately. We’ll get in touch with you before processing your order to provide these details.
Cork is a natural wonder, creating hypoallergenic spaces wherever it’s installed. The cork bark actively resists mildew, is fire retardant, and repels moisture. This renewable resource is harvested responsibly – only the outer bark is taken from the cork oak, ensuring the tree’s longevity. The cork oak is carefully managed to preserve its environment and ecosystem.
Remember, a custom shipping charge is applicable to all flooring orders and will be a separate cost. We’ll reach out to you before processing your cork plank flooring order.
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