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Floating Cork Floor Plank Install Guide

Cork Solution's Install Guide - Floating Floor Planks

Quality Control & Product Inspection

Inspect for defects or damage before installation. Natural color variation is normal. Once installed, replacement isn’t eligible. Read the installation guide carefully before installation as the installer’s proper application is crucial. Floating flooring installations aren’t covered by warranty.

Preparation / Acclimatization

Store open cartons for 48-72 hours prior to installation. Maintain temperature and humidity like occupied conditions. Rooms and sub-floors should be 65-85°F. Substrates must be clean, dry, and dust-free. Fill holes, cracks, joints with cement compound. Use underlayment if needed.

Installing On Concrete

Use 6-mil polyethylene as vapor barrier on or above-grade concrete. Overlap sheets and tape seams. Concrete must be sound, level, and tested for moisture. Moisture can’t exceed 3lbs. in 1000-ft² area within 24 hours.

Installing On Wood

Plywood should be smooth, level, and 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick. Sand uneven areas. Use 6-mil polyethylene over basements/crawlspaces.

Installing Over Radiant Heating Systems

Compatible with hot water radiant systems, not electric ones. Turn on system for 4-5 days before installation. Max surface temp should not exceed 85°F.

Installation Steps

Leave 1/4″ expansion space near walls and vertical surfaces. Begin from a corner, parallel to longest wall, with tongues against wall. Trim planks to fit uneven walls. Install using hammer and tapping block. Remove expansion joints, install baseboard.

Columns, Pipes, And Door Frames

Use compass saw or drill for pipe access-holes. Cut planks for protruding surfaces, considering expansion joint. Trim doors and frames as needed. Use transition strips when adjoining other floors.

Application Of Polyurethane

Use polyurethane to protect flooring and joints. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for Bona Kemi’s “Traffic” or Dura Seal’s “X-terra” polyurethane.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Sweep/vacuum regularly. Damp mop as needed, but don’t saturate. Use wide casters or felt tips under furniture legs. Protect from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
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