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Cork Wall Tiles Slats

Introducing our latest addition, Cork Wall Tile Slats. These innovative cork wall coverings feature narrower widths compared to our standard cork wall tiles. This design choice offers several advantages, including greater flexibility in tight spaces, increased creative freedom for installation patterns, and enhanced overall control over the product.
Resembling wooden slat flooring or subway tiles, these cork wall tiles are crafted from 100% pure Portuguese cork and are backed by our GreenGuard certification, ensuring low chemical emissions. We believe in preserving cork’s natural state to provide you with maximum health benefits from this organic material. Elevate the texture and character of your interior decor with these slat board panels.
Some of our cork wall tile slats sport a distressed appearance, aligning with contemporary trends in home and office design. By choosing cork slat tiles, you can skip the harmful effects of paint fumes. Our unwavering confidence in the product’s quality is reflected in our 25-year product warranty, applicable to all cork flooring and wall coverings. Whether used for complete wall coverings, kitchen backsplashes, cabinet inlays, decorative headboards, inspiration walls, or beyond, our cork wall covering tiles offer versatile possibilities. Your imagination sets the limits on how you can use our cork wall tile slats – and the possibilities are limitless.
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