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Cork Wall Tile Install Guide

Cork Solution's Install Guide - Cork Wall Tiles

Preparation / Acclimatization:

Open cartons and let them sit at the job site for 2-3 days before installation. Keep temperature and humidity consistent with intended conditions. Substrate should be clean, dry, smooth, and free from dust and moisture.

Wall Tile Installation:

Lay tiles in a staggered pattern (brick style). Mix tiles from different boxes for natural variation. Use a utility knife or table saw to cut tiles.

Application of Adhesive:

Use Liquid Nails “FUZE IT,” available at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Apply a ¼” bead of adhesive around tile’s back perimeter and from corners to center in an “X” shape. Use a hand roller to press tiles in all directions.

Non-Permanent Installation:

For temporary projects, use Command Strips after cleaning substrate.

Wall Tile Finishing:

Most tiles come with a wax finish. Use food-grade mineral oil or water-based clear polyurethane for finishing. Flame Stop II fire retardant can be applied for fire rating.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Clean tiles with a damp cloth. Direct sunlight exposure can cause fading over time.
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